Muffler exhausts of LEO VINCE have been specially designed for 2500 CC 4-stroke motorcycles. Made of 201 grade stainless steel, shape of these silencers resembles to the shape of ‘S’. Overall length of these products is 13.5 inch and their inlet dimension is 2.25 inch/53.8 inch. Step cone and slip on section of these items have 1.25 inch to 2.20 inch size range. Brushed surface of these stainless steel items is totally rust and abrasion proof. Products of LEO VINCE can be used at around 1650 degree F temperature. Designed by seasoned personnel, these items ensure higher torque and more power of motorcycles. These are fitted with frame by using silent block and carbon clamp to reduce vibration.  These are simple to fit and remove as well. Logo of this brand is laser etched on the surface of these Muffler exhausts. These items are not legal to install, sale and use for pollution controlled vehicles in California. Therefore, any order placed by the residence of this area will be canceled and the order amount will be refunded.


Leo Vince Cobra stainless steel universal muffler! This is a builder's kit, comes included with step.....

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